A fascinating underwater world

 In Dominican Republic

Coral gardens, steep faces and shipwrecks – the Samaná peninsula offers divers a unique underwater world.

Turtles, tuna shoals, stingrays, barracudas, balloon fish and lionfish frolic in the warm waters off the Samaná peninsula. Even beginners can easily discover them with the help of professional diving instructors. We have provided a few tips on where to dive here:

* Farola steep face: Divers can find lobsters, winged clams, lionfish and dragonhead fish along the steep coast north of the Cayo de Farola island. The steep face is adorned with an abundance of corals.

* Cayo de Farola Island: In addition to the Farola steep face, there are other plateaus that drop to various depths here. You can expect to see stingrays and eagle rays.

* Barco Ferry is located about one kilometer east of the Cayo Levantado. A car ferry sank here a few years ago. Corals and fish have now found a new home there. You can find a moray eel or a large ghost crab in every nook and cranny.

* Near the port of Samaná: A coral garden awaits swimming visitors here. Even beginners can discover the fascinating underwater world from a depth of only two meters.

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