Crocodiles, Flamingos and Dolphins

 In Dominican Republic

There is a vast variety of animal species living in the Dominican Republic. The biodiversity here is particularly abundant.

We have provided just a small selection of the animals that live in the Dominican Republic below:


The best-known mammal is the Solenodon, which only exists in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The large rodent lives in the forests and the grassland.


Hutia (tree rats) are also only found on the Caribbean islands. While the hutia is called “rat”, it is more related to the porcupine.


The Dominican Republic is famous for the abundance of microbats that live there. The country’s countless caves provide a perfect habitat for these mysterious animals.

Oceanic dolphin

Humpback whales are not the only species to be found in the water. The common bottlenose dolphin, the most famous dolphin species in the world, also lives in the sea of the Dominican Republic.

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