“I’ve already picked the best photo locations”

 In The Whales

Tim our 2020 Whale Whisperer will fly to Samaná in less than two weeks on February 2nd. We are very excited about everything he will experience there. Interview with Tim who is already eagerly preparing for the trip.

Are you nervous yet?

Tim: I am not nervous. But I am really looking forward to the whales, the people, the landscape and of course, the nice weather. Here, in Germany it is not very nice right now. I am currently doing a lot of research about the whales and the country and I am already looking for the best photo locations. I am also making sure that my equipment is working correctly.

What are you taking with you?

I have a long list. My new camera with the telephoto lens is at the top of my list. I specifically bought it so that I will be able to take better pictures of the whales. At the same time, I am also a landscape photographer and I usually use my wide-angle lens for landscape shots, which I will naturally take with me as well. I am also taking a drone that I want to fly over Samaná as well as a blogging camera.

What can the Whale Whisperer fans look forward to?

They can definitely look forward to the amazing impressions of the island as well as spectacular photos and videos. I will also try to integrate the Whale Whisperer fans very closely into my work. In addition, I will provide a lot of information about the local nature conservation efforts along with the whales. My goal is to offer a good mix of information and entertainment. I will also post a lot of stories on Instagram.

Thank you. We hope you have a nice trip.

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