Let’s save the whales!

 In The Whales

Anyone can help protect the whales with these five tips. Today, they suffocate above all in the garbage dumped in the seas, are run over by ships or get entangled in “ghost nets” illegally discarded in the sea.

  • Ocean-friendly consumption

When I shop for fish, I should pay attention to the type of catch (e.g. MSC seal) or the nutrition of my farmed fish (e.g. organic seal). I can also do something positive for the ocean by buying paper. It is better to buy recycled paper than “normal paper”, because the latter is often bleached with chemicals that wind up in the ocean in many production countries.


  • Avoid plastic packaging

It is also very important to avoid plastic packaging. Our garbage is frequently sold to other countries (up to now to China, for example) and from there it can reach the ocean via the rivers.


  • Disposing of garbage

I should also make sure not to leave any garbage on the beach.


  • Use the right ferry

Speedboats often run into whales, which then die a miserable death. When on vacation, make sure to avoid taking speedboats.


  • On whale watching tours: pay attention to the supplier.

A number of whale watching tour providers come dangerously close to the whales and disturb – or even injure them. When choosing a provider, make sure that it complies with the regulations for sustainable whale watching (such as Whale Samaná on the Samaná peninsula in the Dominican Republic).


  • Support whale conservation organizations

There are many organizations working to protect whales, dolphins or other marine life, such as the WDC or CEBSE in the Dominican Republic. Learn more about them, become a member or support these organizations with a donation.

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