New app that enables every mobile phone user to protect whales

 In The Whales

The nature conservation organization CEBSE has developed an app that allows anyone to catalog whales. Simply pull out your mobile phone, photograph a whale and send your findings to CEBSE. This way, everyone can help protect the whales.

You have to know a lot about whales to protect them. This is the motto behind a new mobile phone app developed by the nature conservation organization CEBSE in the Dominican Republic. The goal is to enlist a number of volunteers to find out how many whales enter Samaná Bay and how they behave there. CEBSE needs practical assistance in order for the project to work. Everyone can download the “Samana Whale Watcher” app either via Google Play (Android mobile phones) or via the “Testflight” app (Apple mobile phones) and participate. Whoever sees a whale in the bay of Samaná can send the photo with additional information (behavior of the whale and place of sighting, etc.) via the app to CEBSE. The organization then evaluates the data. We think it’s a great project.

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