The best spots in the Dominican Republic

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It’s hard to believe. The first of my four weeks in the Dominican Republic has already come to an end. But this week was probably the most intense. Together with my guide Erick and my driver Ramon, I had the opportunity to explore many beautiful places, learn about the history of the country, zipline through the jungle, sunbathe on islands, jump from waterfalls and much more. But what experiences made it into my top 5 here?

Fifth place: Santo Domingo

The capital of the Dominican Republic has an incredible amount to offer historically. It was here, at the beginning of the 16th century, that the new America was born. Long after that, the city was arguably the most important hub in the Caribbean.


Fourth place: 27 waterfalls

The 27 waterfalls, 27 small cascades lie between the north coast of the country and the mountains and are not just beautiful to look at. Once you have hiked to the highest cascade, you jump, slide and swim all the way down in the canyons that have been created over the years by the flowing water. It’s a lot of fun.

Third place: Cabarete

Most people will probably know Cabarete for its kite surfing beach. There is steady strong wind here, which is why numerous international competitions, such as the “Master of the Ocean” have already been held in the bay. The beach also has a lot to offer for non-athletes too.

Second place: Los Haitises

“Los Haitises” translated means “hilly landscape” or “mountains”, and this is exactly what visitors can find here: an impressive array of densely overgrown small mountains rising from the water. They are home to caves and endemic bird species, such as the brown pelican.

First place: The streets of Puerto Plata

My favorite moments when I travel are not just the sightseeing spots and attractions. The feeling of being completely immersed in the new world is really what makes a lasting impression on me. This was exactly the feeling I had during the late afternoon while exploring the streets of Puerto Plata. As a silent observer. None of the people walking around really took any notice of me. This allowed me to gain genuine insight into local life and to burn small, yet very real moments into my memory forever.

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