There are 115 terrific applicants.

 In General

Whether they are marine biologists, professional photographers or divers – our applicants for the Whale Whisperer 2020 have one thing in common: They’re huge whale fans.

Our application phase is over and 115 interesting applicants have registered. They all want to become the 2020 Whale Whisperer and travel to the Dominican Republic in order to observe the whales there and share their experiences with the whaling community. The applicants consist of 86 women and 29 men. A number of them have already had their first experiences with whales during whale watching tours and their fascination with whales has now taken a firm hold. Others want to work to protect the oceans, because they are concerned about the condition of the oceans. Some already have their own blogs or highly visited Instagram pages, and others are passionate photographers.

Who will win the race in the end and become a Whale Whisperer in 2020? Cast your vote: you can vote for your favorite candidate starting Tuesday, November 5th. The eight candidates with the most votes will be shortlisted. A jury will decide who will be the 2020 Whale Whisperer on December 3rd.

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