These are our eight top favorites.

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It’s unbelievable: a total of 4,263 votes were cast and you chose the winners. Seven women and one man have made it into the top 8 to become the 2020 Whale Whisperer.

1. Ranking: Caroammeer30 with 374 votes

Caroline is 33 years old and lives in Vienna. She has loved the sea and marine life since childhood. She studied zoology and has a passion for water sports. Her dream is to observe whales and study their behavior.

2. Ranking: Phercy Phono with 371 votes

Camilla is 35 years old and hails from Groß-Zimmern, Germany. She is a world traveler and has seen whales off the coast of Australia before. She studied computer science and works part-time as a photographer. She has a special place in her heart for nature, which is why she picks up garbage wherever possible on her vacation trips.

3. Ranking: Sonja with 363 votes

Sonja is 39 years old. She is a veterinarian and has worked in various animal welfare projects all over the world. She loves to take pictures and travel. “I will listen to the whales and whisper to you about my experiences with these amazing creatures,” she says in her video:

4. Ranking: Timpilippus25 with 361 votes

Tim is 23 years old and comes from Haiger, Germany. He works as a freelance photographer and in online marketing. He writes: “In another life, I would have become a marine biologist.” He has worked for various tourism boards and travel agencies.

5. Ranking: Tenna63 with 359 votes

Annet is 38 years old and comes from Zörbig, Germany. She writes: “Words can only tell a tiny star of the vast universe how I feel about whales.” She wants to protect whales and stand up for them. Here’s her video:

6. Ranking: LisaKe29 with 342 votes

Lisa-Marie is 28 years old and comes from Rostock, Germany. She thinks that humpback whales are the most fascinating and beautiful creatures on our planet. She is a zoologist and is fascinated by the underwater world.

7. Ranking: Hanna Neumüller with 337 votes

Hanna is 20 years old and comes from Schrattenbach in Austria. She is an enthusiastic animal lover and grew up on a farm. She has already nursed injured turtles in Bali. She wants to help protect “our unique planet,” she writes. Here’s her video:

8. Ranking: Bir Git with 326 votes

Birgit is 28 years old and comes from the Austrian town of Anger. She loves to travel and is always drawn to the water. She wants to fight whaling and protect the seas from pollution.

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