Voting: Already 1,100 users have voted.

 In General

The voting phase has been underway for one week now. Join in and cast your vote too. You can vote until November 19th.

More than 1,100 users have already voted for their favorite candidates. The following candidates are currently leading the pack:

1. Bir Git with 131 votes

2. Biene Thiemann with 93 votes

3. Caroammeer30 with 92 votes

4. Hanna Neumüller with 90 votes

5. Sonja with 82 votes

6. LisaKe29 with 70 votes

7. Tenna63 with 66 votes

8. Anna May with 52 votes

The competition is not over yet. Cast your vote today. Simply create a user account here, click one or more candidates on the overview page (the profile is then highlighted in blue), scroll down and click “Abstimmen”. And you’re finished.

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