“Whoever loves the sea and its creatures also protects them.”

 In Dominican Republic

Interview with Marcus Böhm, founder of the famous surf competition “Master of the Ocean”, about his love for the sea and why he emigrated to the Dominican Republic.

Why did you emigrate?

Marcus Böhm: I emigrated to the Dominican Republic in 1990. At that time, I had just finished an apprenticeship and finally wanted to experience some real adventures. I had heard about Cabarete and the surf competitions there and thought I want to try this sport sometime.

Why do you like it so much in the Dominican Republic?

The country is so incredibly diverse, and the warmth of the people still fascinates me every day. Also, there is the weather: it is very sunny, and it has the perfect conditions for all water sports.

What is your favorite place in the Dominican Republic?

That’s a difficult question. If I have to name just one, it’s Playa Encuentro. It offers the best surfing weather all year round and a great setting for water sports fans.

What does the sea mean to you?

The sea means everything to me. I live from and by the sea and feel very comfortable there.

What do you do to protect the sea?

Every time I leave the beach, I try to take garbage with me and dispose of it properly. I have encountered whales several times – including off the Samaná peninsula – and these enormous animals left a lasting impression on me. Together with my wife, I founded the initiative “Happy dolphins”. This is how we try to inspire the love of nature and the sea in the youth of the Dominican Republic. After all: whoever loves the sea and its creatures also protects them.

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