Wow! 93 super candidates

 In General

The application deadline is one week. 93 exciting candidates have already seized the opportunity and applied to be the 2020 Whale Whisperer. Join us and become a Whale Whisperer in the Dominican Republic.

The 93 applicants include 59 women and 34 men. Some have professional experience with water or the sea, for example they are sailors, diving instructors or lifeguards. A number of them are already involved in environmental and animal protection activities or are studying environmental sciences. But they all have one important thing in common: they are committed to protecting the oceans and whales.

You can still apply here to be the 2020 Whale Whisperer until October 28th. After the application deadline, your friends and acquaintances can vote for you online. The eight candidates with the highest scores will then be entered in the final round. A jury will decide who will be the 2020 Whale Whisperer on December 3rd. We wish you all good luck.

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